The term “fly” refers to a varied family of insects with differing feeding habits and places of infestation, including flesh flies, horseflies, cheese flies, Mediterranean fruit flies and melon flies.

The fly that we most commonly encounter is the Musca Domestica, the housefly.

Unlike other insects, flies do not sting or bite humans, although their buzzing and their habit of flying around people can be very irritating.

On closer examination however, fly behaviour poses a considerable risk to human health.

Flies generally feed on carcasses and faeces, coming into contact with a wide range of micro-organisms that often cause illnesses in humans. Flies can carry typhus, cholera, salmonella, parasitic worms and many other types of infection.

By entering our homes, flies can pass on numerous and sometimes very serious diseases when they come into contact with our food while feeding and when excreting.

This problem is further complicated by other factors. Flies have particularly well-developed vision, rendering them difficult to catch, and their life cycle allows a typical female to lay more than 500 eggs in one month, which can develop into adults in just over three weeks in ideal conditions, thus leading to the emergence of a new generation.

Monitor traps for flies offer an effective solution against these irritating and unhealthy insects without using active agents or hazardous substances.

In order to attract flies, these traps are chromotropic, which means that they use a combination of colours that reproduce aspects of elements that these insects find interesting, in order to trick them into landing on the adhesive surface, from which they are unable to escape. The attractiveness of monitor fly traps can be increased with the use of scents or food gels.

Monitor fly traps therefore stop flies from spreading pathogens throughout the home and above all on food, also allowing people to keep track of the number of insects captured and therefore see how severe the infestation is, taking more decisive action if necessary.

IGO produces a wide range of monitor traps to contract, including those against flies.

For more than 15 years, IGO has been a certified Medical and Surgical Device Manufacturer and provides the contract manufacture of insecticide products for domestic and civil use on substrates such as cellulose, granules or mixtures, and various types of liquid solutions to which one or more active substances have been added.

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