IGO has been recognised as a Medical and Surgical Device Factory as per PMC Decree n° 28/2004 of 09.08.2004. This authorises the company to manufacture insecticidal products for domestic and civil use, on substrates such as cellulose, granules or mixtures, and various types of liquid solutions to which one or more active substances have been added, within the Italian territory.

This has enabled the company to develop over the course of 15 years experience, making it a reliable partner within the Biocides directive.
IGO is approved throughout the entire production cycle, starting from the mixing of active components with solvents and fragrances, followed by impregnation and the composition of formulations for various evaporation substrates, right through to the final assembly of the products in the packaging that will be used for sale.

In order to meet the expectations and standards required by its various clients, IGO offers a full service approach, so that all stages of processing are performed internally; the products available are entirely manufactured at our factory. The production divisions are subdivided as follows: