We started business in the 1960s as packaging manufacturers for the cosmetics industry, and from then on, our passion for the world of paper has continued incessantly.

We have been able to perceive the changes taking place, to develop, innovate and renew our valuable expertise accordingly. This has enabled us to become a consolidated and competitive structure at national and international level for the third-party production of Biocides for domestic use against clothes moths, mosquitoes and ants.

We also manufacture monitor traps for various types of pests, and our household care product range is completed by air fresheners and fragrance diffusers for small spaces. Creativity, innovation, quality in the manufacturing process and flexibility in meeting our clients’ requests are just some of the points of strength that have enabled us to reach our current status.

The decision to avoid making product lines under our own trademark or acquiring shares of trading companies, but rather maintaining a purely third-party trade policy, has enabled us to constantly avoid any conflicts of interest with our clients.

Our history

  • 1969

    IGO was founded for the manufacture of packaging for the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and herbals industry, specialising in the production of printed paper and developing considerable expertise in this sector.
  • 1990

    The company began the conversion of its manufacturing activities towards the air freshener market. IGO therefore focused its core business on the production of deodorant products for small spaces in the home and for the car, using cellulose as the principal impregnation substrate right from the start.
  • 1998

    The implementation of manufacturing led to an increase in the floor area
    of the corporate premises. An additional area dedicated to assembly and packaging was added to the existing structure.
  • 2004

    IGO further increased its range of deodorant products, extending the typology of substrates beyond just cellulose. It also began manufacturing Medical and Surgical Devices on authorisation from the Ministry of Health. An entire area of the company was dedicated to this sector, following an extension to the structure for this purpose.
  • 2010

    With another 3,000 square metre extension, the company’s total usable floor area reached 7,000 square metres. A new division for impregnation and mixing, with highly automated equipment, made it possible to expand production and extend the range of manufactured products.
  • Today
Creativity and innovation, manufacturing process quality, flexibility in meeting clients’ needs: these are the points of strength that have made IGO a solid presence in Italy and on the most demanding and competitive international markets.