Anti-ant bait

Plastic shell with “push to activate” system containing a single unit with biocidal bait ready for use. It performs two operations, eliminating the ants and the ants’ nest. By means of its formulation, it attracts the ants that feed on the bait and carry it to the ants’ nest, amplifying its efficacy. For use in indoor and outdoor areas.
Shell material 100% recycled PP.

Active substance
FR - DE - ES - IT - HU - PT - PL - GR
Effective against
Ants at all stages of the life cycle
Effective for up to
3 months
2 years
Shell O 80 mm (personalisable on request)
Colours available
White, Green, Dark, Gray (others on request)
Formats available
From 1 to 6 traps
Primary packaging
Single unit
Secondary packaging
Carton, blister
10 - 12 units (other formats on request)
The client’s BPR formulation can be used
Product sheet