Cookies are small text files that are downloaded to the user’s device when they visit a website. 

This means that the cookies are stored on the user’s device to then be transmitted back to the
websites of origin the next time the user returns. 

The use of cookies allows the user’s browsing experience to be optimised, and they are widely used to facilitate the personalization of online services and securely manage access to reserved areas of a website.

Cookies do not store any personal information, such as names, surnames or email addresses. It is impossible for individuals to be identified exclusively with cookies, and their use is widely


Cookies used by this website:

I Technical cookies are tools that allow the user to perform a specific operation on the web. 

For this reason, they are digital elements of a purely technical nature that make navigation easier
and faster.


Profiling cookies are used to monitor the user during navigation, studying their movements and their internet consumption and consultation habits in order to create personalized advertising

Due to the particularly invasive nature of profiling cookies with regards to users’ private lives, European and Italian regulations demand that users must be adequately informed with regards to the
use of profiling cookies in order that they may freely express consent.

The website uses the following profiling cookies for advertising purposes: Google Ads remarketing and Facebook remarketing. Users have the option to deny consent. 

Options for browsing without cookies: 

Below are ways to browse without downloading cookies:

With this feature users can navigate without leaving any trace in the browser of the navigation data.
The website will not remember the user, the pages they visit will not be stored in their browsing
history and new cookies will be deleted. The anonymous browsing function does not guarantee
anonymity on the Internet, as it only serves to avoid storing browsing data in the browser, while the
user’s browsing data will continue to be available to website operators and connectivity providers. 


How to delete cookies:

Google Chrome:

Mozilla Firefox:

Microsoft Edge:

Apple Safari:

Remember, however, that new cookies are downloaded each time you connect to the Internet, so this operation should be carried out periodically. Some browsers offer automated systems for the
periodical cancellation of cookies if desired.



Information regarding the processing of personal data (articles 13 and 14 of Regulation (EU)2016/679)

Data controller IGO srl 
Adress Via Palazzo, n. 46, 24061 Albano Sant’Alessandro (BG) 
Telephone number 035 583078 
Fax 035 583124  
Data processing Purpose Legal basis Recipients Period of storage Source
Collection, recordingand use of dataregarding userbrowsing on the website  Use of technical cookies to allow theuser to browse the website 

Use of technical cookies to carry out statistical surveys into how the user
uses the website

Article 6, paragraph 1, f) legitimate interests pursued by the controller or by third parties  Internal staff 1 year Directly from the data subject
Collection, recording and use of data regarding the user’s browsing habits on the website  Use of profiling
cookies to send
targeted promotional
Article 6,
paragraph 1, a)
Consent granted by
the data subject 
2 years Directly from the data subject 

* If the source is not specified, it is understood that the data is collected directly from the data subject.

This Cookie & Privacy Policy is based on the Data Protection Authority’s Cookie Policy
Guidelines, which are available via the link