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Consumer safety

IGO is a medical surgical device company according to the PMC (Presidi Medico-Chirurgici, i.e. medical surgical devices) Decree No. 28/2004 of 09.08.2004.

We are authorised to manufacture insect repellents for domestic and civil use, as well as sachets and granules impregnated with insect-killing active principles in the form of liquids and solutions.

We have an in-house laboratory for the blending and use of active principles such as Permethrin and Pyrethrin-Piperonyl Butoxide, Transfluthrin, Empenthrin and molecules of the latest research developments.

Our company also has the authorisation for the blending of active principles with fragrances, the consequent impregnation and dosage of formulations in the air freshener materials and the packaging of the final product.

IGO directly provides for the registration of its medical surgical devices at the Italian Ministry of Health and the cloning of the PMCs already registered in its name.

In this sense, we aim to protect our PMCs under the EU Biocides Regulations, coming to be compulsory within the market for the commercialisation of biocides, and whose aim is to safeguard the health of humans and the Environment as well as to ensure the good functioning of the internal market.